2018-06-18 Kingston, NY

As we traveled up the Hudson River we noted a number of lighthouses along the way. Their design reminded me a lot of what we see on the Delaware Bay. Here is some more info on Hudson River Lights


This lighthouse marks the entrance to Kingston, NY.


More accurate it marks the entrance to Rondout Creek.


We traveled nearly 4 miles up the creek to really as far as we could before dropping anchor.


See we could go no further because we ran into a dam. (We knew it was there) but it did provide a unique anchorage with the sound of rater in the background.

We launched the dinks and went exploring.


Okay, maybe too many waterfall pictures…sorry


Heading back down river to the anchorage.


Did I mention there were only two things at this anchorage….a waterfall and a dairy bar? Are we good or what…yes Sally is was all pre-planned and meticulously researched….



It is all about crew moral!!


A picture of Magnolia and Kindred Spirit in the anchorage.


We dinghy’d all the way back down river to the town of Kingston, NY. Kingston has a very interesting and varied history. There is a maritime museum that we really enjoyed.


Before we knew the time we were able to share with Kindred Spirit came to an end. Magnolia will continue north while Al & Michele head home for a family holiday. I snapped the below picture as we were preparing to get underway, looing forward you can see the bridge towards the falls and in the monitor the view behind Magnolia, just as striking. That’s how I want to remember the week when we are all old and gray and are friends are gathered and telling stories…


We wave farewell for now to Kindred Spirit in the early morning….


Someday I am going to figure out how to get all our friends in the same place at the same time….now that is a dream…be safe A**2

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