2018-06-17 Poughkeepsie, NY (Glass Barge, Hyde Park, CIA )

As we travelled up the Hudson River towards Poughkeepsie was fascinated by how deep the river remained. There is a heck of a current on that river and that deep….man that is A LOT of water!!!


The crews of Kindred Spirit and Magnolia had big plans during our visit but first Annette had to pull a branch out of the water that was near Magnolia….HUH? Turn your back for a moment…she was not please this stick was near her boat……

Anyway, first up was the Corning Glass Barge. It is a traveling barge where they  are doing glass blowing demonstrations.


It was a lot more fun than it might sound…but it did appeal to my geek side…


After that cultural event we were ready to move on the the food sciences…actually a pretty regular segment in our travels but Kindred Spirit upped the “science” side by order flights of beer for for a true comparison test….

The Admiral went off the brewery reservation and ordered some kind of exotic drink…..


Next up and my personal priority was a visit to Hyde Park and the Roosevelt Estate located there. 


We did not tour this visit but this is the Franklin Roosevelt Presidential Library. The first Presidential library. We did not tour this visit but want a full day the next time.


Michele is listening in on Franklin and Eleanor discussions….could you ever imagine? A government actually wanting to makes its citizens lives better…how nostalgic….


The estate was named Springwood and was home to Franklins parents before he. Franklin was born in this home as well.


As you can tell we have had a great photo influence from our companions on Kindred Spirit, much better on getting the good group shot!

Us at SPringwood

Franklins backyard growing up…he sailed single handedly on the Hudson river at 9 years old!


This is where Franklin and Eleanor are both buried.


After all that morning sight seeing it was time for lunch….not to worry, I also had French toast.


The next high priority stop was the Culinary Institute of America also known as CIA!


The campus of CIA is a former Jesuit novitate St. Andrew-on-Hudson established in 1903. The campus is absolutely breath taking and we believe they should open a school of lansscaping inaddition to the culinary arts!


We had signed up for a morning tour which was conducted by a very knowledgeable student.


While we were waiting, we waited in the cmpus coffee shop…..this day is going to end badly…..


After the tour we had lunch reservations at the CIA restaurant Ristorante Caterina de’ Medici


I generally do not have wine in the middle of the day but just had to make an exception for this experience….

My appetizer with with the above mentioned wine was to die for!


A stroll through the ground was just what the CIA ordered!


A Hibiscus in NY?


A Hudson River Sturgeon made out of knives, forks and spoons…..


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