2018-06-13 Cronton & Cold Spring NY

As we headed up the river, near the upper west side of Manhattan we found this monster anchored…I was particularly impressed by the garage door in the side of the boat. I guess it made it easy tp get things moved up the NYC apartment to the boat….that moving aboard day can be a real challenge…..


The Hudson quickly greened up along the shoreline. 


The Tapanzee bridge has been under construction seemingly forever…here you can see the old bridge being disassembled. 



Out first stop and was Cronton NY.


Because of the complicated anchorage near the Statue Of Liberty we had not gotten together so we all enjoyed a terrific dinner and lots of catch-up!!


The Cronton Damn turned out to a really amazing treat. It is the 3rd largest cut stone structure in the world…behind the Great Wall Of China and some Egyptian Pyramid!!


It was one of the original water supplies for NYC!



Caitlin, work hard and apply yourself…I look forward to seeing your damn someday!!!


After all our sightseeing there was but one thing to do……


Departing Croton we headed north passing West Point Military Academy.


I did get a chuckle when I saw the Army’s one sailboat….not thinking much of a threat to Annapolis


We dropped the hook in Foundry Cove at Cold Springs, NY


First up was a small boat chore. Al “volunteered” to help install some snaps onto the new pilothouse covers.



Magnolia at anchor with cockpit sun cover in place.


We went ashore to Cold Springs and registered at the municipal dock. You are asked the reason for your visit…one choice was ice cream…they have our number!!




The memorial to fallen solders from the county….



General Store

And we have a winner…on to Hyde Park!!

moo moo interior

2 thoughts on “2018-06-13 Cronton & Cold Spring NY

  1. Love watching your travels. Those megayacht monsters are down in the BVIs and a few other places. They charter for about $500,000 a week or more, with the crew being tipped another 20% on top of that. Not for light pockets like ours! And they’re required to open those garages and take out all the water toys at every anchorage – slides, paddleboards, kayaks, etc., which are almost never used. The jet skis seem to be the one thing they will use. Mostly they stay hidden aboard the boat somewhere looking out.

  2. Looks like some great stops, sorry we couldn’t sync up in Stanton Island. Hope to see you later this summer. Jack

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