2018-06-12–Great Kills–Statue Of Liberty–(Vacation Like Photo Warning)

There might be a “few” to many NYC photos for most tastes so consider yourself warned in advance! Magnolia departed Maryland and made a direct transit to Great Kills NY to be ready to meet up with Kindred Spirit arriving from CT when the weather settled. As you can see, Kindred Spirit is making their way down Long Island Sound. This gave us a couple days to kill…so we fell back to our prime main stays…food and boat chores.


We found the local waterfront Italian Place across the street. It seemed Great Kills has a large Italian population so we spent a great weekday night sitting at the bar, eating and drinking our night away. Time and money well spent!


It did not take us long to find Frank & Sals Italian Market for ingredients for our favorite “mopping” dinner, clams & lots of sauce with some really hardy bread…the white wine goes without saying!


On the chore side of the house I finished cleaning and painting the aft part of the engine room and got the port side forward done.



“Red sky at night, sailors’ delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.” Rest assured this was the morning and the beginning of 48 hours of really crappy weather. Cold wet and windy hence the above mentioned clam sauce. It was the perfect medicine for the occasion.


Picture does not do a lot of justice, it was a rocking good time for sure.


As the weather cleared, Kindred Spirit got underway from Port Washington and would be transiting the East River. I wanted to get a picture of them coming under the Brooklyn Bridge on the East River


This is Magnolia enroute for the “Money Shot.” Transiting Buttermilk Channel with the Verrazano Bridge in the back ground.

Magnolia among ferries

Light Blue is Magnolia’s track up Buttermilk, behind Governors Island from Great Kills


Success! Kindred Spirit transiting the Brooklyn Bridge. Note Empire State Building in background


Kindred Spirit in front of lower Manhattan


Magnolia heading south in Buttermilk Channel toward Statue Of Liberty

Magnolia by Brooklyn Bridge 2

Magnolia lower Manhattan

Magnolia and The Big Apple 1

Magnolia anchored behind Statue Of Liberty

Magnolia at anchor

Ellis Island in foreground and Manhattan approaching sunset


Not her best side but anchored so close was amazing…


Annette took this after I went to bed…


After one more round of pictures, we both headed up the Hudson River…


Magnolia Liberty 5

More to come!!!!

2 thoughts on “2018-06-12–Great Kills–Statue Of Liberty–(Vacation Like Photo Warning)

  1. Love the pictures! Maybe one day in the not too distant future we’ll be able to head north to NYC in a trawler! Mike is going to look at two Heritage East 36s in FL at the end of the month. Braveheart still hasn’t sold, though, so not sure what we’ll do if he loves one of them!

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