2016-10-02 — MidWest Trip–Leg #2 (Pennsylvania & Ohio & Michigan)

After a wonderful visit in NJ we started heading west. Heading inland AWAY from saltwater is a little un-nerving. (grin)


First stop was the 9-11 Flight 93 Flight Memorial. I have no pictures and a week later still feeling a little overwhelmed.


We arrived at my parents home in Canadian Lakes, MI


Our stay was brief as  we were quickly off to St Ignace which would serve as our base for a couple of days of sightseeing.


Looking towards Mackinac Island as we head for the Upper Peninsula.


Our first stop was the Soo Locks which allow ships to transit from Lake Superior to Lake Huron. 


The Soo Locks lifts/lowers ships 21 feet to make the transit. The largest locks Magnolia has transited are the 8 feet that is required in the Dismal Swamp.



Sharing dinner at the end of a full day…priceless.


The view from our room as the sun rises over lake Huron.


Annette has never been to upper MI before so a trip to Mackinac Island was required. Besides though not likely Magnolia, but a “next” boat we would like to explore the Great Lakes.


We might be off the water but the crew of Magnolia still enjoys a little time and mom and dad seem to enjoy the short ferry ride as well.

2016_09_29_12_31_12_AWB-017 2016_09_30_20_18_57_AWB-016

The ferry we took made a brief trip west towards and under the Mackinac Bridge. We have transited many similar bridges but when we come back with our own boat, that will make the moment even cooler.

2016_09_29_12_48_19_AWB-022 2016_09_29_12_48_24_AWB-023

As we approached Mackinac Island the Grand Hotel became quite visible from the ferry. The hotel was featured in a movie, “Somewhere In Time” starring Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour.


Fort Mackinac


Saint Anne Church – The original St Anne Church started on the mainland in 1743 and then in 1780 it was moved across the ice to Mackinac Island! How cool.


I forgot to mention there are no motorized vehicles allowed on Mackinac Island, hence below is a horse drawn street sweeper….thats a new one one me!




Below is the “Scout Barracks” on Mackinac Island..I HIGHLY encourage you to click the below link and read the story…I NEVER saw this one coming but very cool – http://www.mackinac-island-insider-tips.com/scouts.html


Looking east across Lake Huron

2016_09_30_20_18_57_AWB-038 2016_09_30_20_18_57_AWB-040



Mackinac Island Yacht Club (http://www.miyachtclub.com/)


Heading back to St Ignace, MI


Annette and I had a lovely visit with my parents who made our stay absolutely terrific!! 

2 thoughts on “2016-10-02 — MidWest Trip–Leg #2 (Pennsylvania & Ohio & Michigan)

  1. Well it seems like you two had a great time as landlubbers this time around. Always great to see family. Thanks for the pictures. Hope Annette enjoyed her visit to upper MI.

    • Best trip we ever took with the 5 kids was in 1974 to the Souix Locks and Mackinac island. Kids were thrilled with ride on tour boat through the locks with a freighter. First ship we saw go through the locks was the Ford owned , “John Dykestra”, which tickled the kids since Ralph work for Ford Engine plant in Lima.

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