2016-10-07 — MidWest Trip–Leg #3 (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland)

As we departed my parents home first stop was Phillips Orchards & Cider Mill ( https://www.facebook.com/PhillipsOrchards/ ) Every fall growing up I remember going to a Michigan cider mill.


Once arriving in Detroit we had met up with my niece Janine and her partner Rami. It was a terrific evening. In addition and lacking pictures we had a terrific lunch with my brother Jimmy and his family as well as a get together with some friends I went to elementary school with. It was a great visit to Detroit that is for sure!!

Early the next morning we departed for  Fallingwater – Frank Lloyd Wright in Pennsylvania. We have had this visit on our list for a long time and glad we were able to make it.




It is certainly a beautiful home but you could clearly see that like all Wrights homes…dang thing leaked like a sieve. Living a a boat I might be a little sensitive to this issue!






Arriving back in Washington DC we had great evening with Dan and Lori in Arlngton and then it was back to Deale MD to check on our girl Magnolia. Oh, this is going to leave a mark…rotten core from our deck…more in the next post!


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