2016-09-27 — MidWest Trip–Leg #1 (Baltimore & New Jersey)

Soon after Magnolia was bundled up for her visit to Osprey Composites it was time for the crew to get on the road.


First stop was Baltimore, MD for a brunch date with M/V Amici. We never miss an opportunity to visit with Ted & Sally. We always have a great visit and this one was no different. 


After rolling ourselves into the car have a huge brunch we rolled on up I-95 to Jack & Kathy’s place in New Jersey. Kathy invited their neighbors and our friends Neil & Merle for dinner and an evening of catch up. Always fun and thanks to Merle for coming direct from and long day and a miserable commute!


Early on Friday morning we off to work at the Cherry Hill Veterans Stand-down. We have never participated in one but it was a day well spent. Truly a reminder of how blessed we are. Below is Team Hoban (R-L Caitlen, Matt, Kevin, Kathy, Jack H, Jack T, Annette and I)



News Story:


After knaps and showers it was time to roll!


First stop was Tonewood Brewery


The it was on to a Surprise Hoban Party. The surprisees…we never like to miss a Hoban Party and thankfully the family is use to us showing up!!


Annette, Kathy H and Kathy T


Mom Hoban has always welcomed us and she has been doing it for over 25 years now!


Caitlen, Andrew and Mathew at Lower Forge Brewery, not near as good as Tonewood


Sadly it was so quickly time to start heading out on Leg #2 but Kathy made a us a terrific dinner before heading out!


We will miss you Tennars, be well!

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