11-11-2015–Savannah–St Augustine

Magnolia has been promising ourselves to come to Savannah for a long time but had yet to make the time…finally we made it. We actually went to Isle Of Hope which is this lovely low country coastal island town.


This was the scene directly across from the Marina.


We met Catherine years ago the same time we met Mims and Vicki in the Bahamas. We surprised Catherine at her restaurant Maxwell’s in Savannah. We had a lovely evening catching up and Catherine joined us one evening aboard Magnolia. We are hoping to meet all of these ladies this winter in the Bahamas!! Fingers crossed!




Upon departing Isle of Hope we staged for an off shore passage behind St Catherine’s Island. As the two pictures below show…St Catherine’s is really out there on her own. We only spent the one evenning but we will keep this spot in our back pocket for another visit. Just beautiful.



Departing from St Catherine’s for sea the day started overcast but with a nice easterly breeze that promised and excellent sail.



We made a point of staying well off shore to avoid shipping traffic at the St Mary’s and St John’s Rivers, all the while enjoying a beautiful sail down the coast.


Even well of shore there was a fair amount of shipping traffic to maneuver around.


The inlet at St Augustine is not as large as we normally enter and exit but with the sun up and calm conditions we entered and anchored directly in front of Fort _______ with a lovely view of historic St Augustine.





The first order of business was to contact my Great Uncle Wayne & Carmen who happens to live just across the Bridge of Lyons, an easy 15 minute walk from the dinghy dock.  Magnolia at anchor (center frame) below. 



Annette stubbed her toe one too many times so elected to stay aboard and take a break from walking on it. I enjoyed a lovely visit with Wayne and Carmen and Annette joined us for lunch the following day.



We had a lovely visit to St Augustine and ALWAYS look forward to returning!

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