2015-11-23 – GAMs(SSCA) – “Dealers”(Mentors) – Legs(Turkey)

Magnolia has been keeping up a full schedule since our departure from St Augustine. We made a stop in Titusville and then on to participate in the Seven Sea Cruising Association (SSCA)  GAM (Gathering of all Mariners) at Melbourne FL. We had a real treat in that Bob & Cory-Jeanne Cox from the Pentagon Sailing Club were also in attendance. Bob was one of our original sailing instructors back in the day. So far we have avoided disappointing him and embarrassing ourselves! 


While were ashore our friends Al & Michele were passuing through the area and decided to drop anchor nearby allowing a quick drive-by dinghy by visit. 


It was a complete surprise visit and whenever we see Kindred Spirit nearby, can not help but smile.


Continuing to Vero Beach our friends Ty & Suzanne Giesemann came all the way from The Villages FL for a visit. Our history is documented in “2013-11-05 Dealers, Enablers, What is Possible, All in 5 Years”. The long and short is Ty & Suzanne gave us our first exposure to the cruising life. Once again, its great to show our mentors we have tried to learn the lessons they taught us! Thank you for making time in your schedules for us Ty & Suzanne!


We intended to spend one night at the Vero Beach catching up with the our friends from CT.  We had a terrific evening but while we enjoying our reunion, our weather window to transit to the Bahamas was closing up! Oh well, we will have time to get to the Bahamas seeing friends though, that’s the best.


Al, doing his “Risky Business” impersonation!



The charts below shows what the weather looks like this whole week. Sad sad cause that is not what we want for a good crossing passage!


Below is Google Earth image with our planned route over laid. We will depart Fort Pierce inlet and cross the Gulf Stream before entering the Little Bahama Bank, a distance of approximately 60 miles. The water depth goes to about 2200 feet off Florida to a mere 22 feet across the banks. The water on the banks is so clear that just a little moon is illuminate the white sand bottom in the middle of the night.  Once on the banks it is about 140 miles over and down to Marsh Harbor where we intend to pass customs and settle all the paperwork for our stay in the Bahamas.


Below is the long range forecast for early next week. Hopefully this window will stay open long enough to get through!


We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with cruiser friends here in Vero Beach. Generally imagine a big pot luck with about 250 people. Should make for a wonderful holiday! Be Safe, Be Well and Happy Thanksgiving!

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