2015-10-31 Myrtle Beach —> Savannah

Returning from Washington we found Magnolia safe and sound, Kindred Spirit moored nearby and our friends Joe and Christine on the way for farewell dinner at the “Officers Club” at the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club.  Joe & Christine have helped us more than I can say and thank you so much! Al & Michelle of Kindred Spirit (http://blog.kindred-spirit.net/) are old friends from the very first day this adventure began a couple years ago! We have not seen them in over a year but with all good friends, we never missed a beat.


The “Officers Club” is run by a couple who use to run my favorite wings place in NJ, the Jug Handle Inn on Rt 73 @ 130. They serve the wings just like they did in NJ and they are just as good!


First thing next morning it was time to get moving. We had just crosses the SC border and it was not getting any warmer!



We anchored for the night in the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge. It is one of the most beautiful locations along the east coast.


For those of you who did not check out the Kindred Spirit Blog #1 Bad on you Smile and #2 you would have known the “old” Kindred Spirit was a Morgan Sailboat very similar to Magnolia but the “new” Kindred Spirit is a Mariner Orient 38 Trawler.


Magnolia making her way along the Waccamaw River.



Magnolia and Kindred Spirit at anchor in the Waccamaw



The section of the ICW between Winyah Bay and Charleston is a notorious stretch of water because of the significant shoaling that has taken place. Thankfully there is a 6-7 foot tide through here so if you have time you can time your passage with the tides. With the goal of returning to to Washington DC in 3 days, we did not have that luxury. Because of her shallower draft Kindred Spirit went inside down the ICW while Magnolia staged for a early morning off shore passage.


Magnolia departed Winyah Bay about 4:30 AM. We have never been through this inlet before and transiting it well before dawn was a little nerve racking. Within 90 minutes were well offshore as the sun rose.


The 55 mile passage to Charleston was really fast with a good winds and a fair current.



Since the tides and currents were not favorable to go into a dock at the Maritime Center Magnolia anchored just west of the Ft Sumter for the evening.


The next morning  conditions were more favorable so we moored and got Magnolia settled.  This was the first time ever Annette stay onboard alone so wanted to make sure things were good and settled. Al & Michele were near by as an extra buffer.


Arriving in DC I spent the afternoon with my parents and even got a fun picture with my mom.


I was able to participate with my family in the Funeral Mass for my Great Aunt & Uncle Jim & Mona.  I could write a book on all they taught us about living a full life. I am going to instead follow their example. Thank you Jim & Mona.

I returned to Charleston find Annette had given Magnolia a real spa treatment giving her the full treatment below and above decks! Thank you for your hard work Admiral.

The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was literally a couple blocks from the Marina. A very sobering reality check that for sure….


2015_10_25_13_29_26_AWB-098 2015_10_25_13_30_21_AWB-099 2015_10_25_13_31_17_AWB-100

We made out way across town and visited with our friends Mims & Vicki. Mims had a few friends over for a lovely brunch, complete with Bloody Mary Station!


and yes the Admiral does have a dog on her lap. Tommy-Not-Jack is a real sweet heart. Sadly Mims would not let him come sailing with us. Since “Bunny” returned to PA recently we are always looking out for a replacement crewmen with big ears…Tommy certainly qualifies!


Seemingly we had to be on our way before we even got settled in Charleston.






Magnolia and Kindred Spirit had an easy trip down to GA. Kindred Spirit needed to make a trip home so we will be moving on with out them early next week. On the upside we got got to visit with our friends on Amici and Acappela as well. Annette and I will be belatedly celebrating our anniversary as well has giving the town a good looking over for a potential homestead as well. 


“Magnolia is clear….more to follow soon”

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