2015-03-02 Fernandez Bay–Arthur Town

The Admiral enjoying a walk on the beach…in truth she is on the hunt for a particular type of palm leaf for a basket she is weaving!


Our dinghy “Blossom” with “Magnolia” in the background at anchor.


It may appear the Captain is taking a little time off and enjoying a Rum drink….


In reality he is keeping a keen eye on Magnolia….yea ok, enjoying a rum drink!


The other night we met and enjoyed a wonderful evening with Andrew & Gwendy. They are enjoying a vacation away from their home in England. We spent the evening comparing politics in the US & UK. We enjoyed our evening so much so we closed the place down. Just had to pop back ashore for a drink before we departed. Meetings like these really make this life special!


After saying our good byes we were off first thing this morning for Arthur Town. We had a terrific sail and made a point of staying well west of the Angel Reef! We also had a dolphin travel with us for a while. I will put a video up in the YouTube channel when we get better internet. We enjoyed a walk around town and purchased some local breads and pastries.


Tomorrow we are off on a short sail over to Little San Salvador or Half Moon Cay for those Carnival Cruise Lines customers. We will be making a brief over-night stop on our way to Eluthera.


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