2015-02-26 Cat Island–Adventures

As we departed George Town Harbor I just had to get a picture of this little guy, one of the rarest of rares in the Bahamas. Yes that is a channel marker, the only one in Conch Cut which is the entrance to George Town. In the USA there would be 20 marks guiding vessels into the harbor, in the Bahamas, one!


In full disclosure there is one other, the light on the other side of the channel. I don’t think that one should count though because the “light” can only be used during the day since God only knows the last time it actually lit!!!! Oh, BTW there is the issue of the reef in the entrance between the channel and the light!


As you can see the transit takes us out across the sound so there is only one thing to do…


Get a line in the water!!! We use a hand reel, 100lb test line and a weighted lure that way about  half a pound, and of course leather gloves. We are not after Large Mouth Bass here! We are after Mahi Tuna out here. Any where between 24 and 56 inches is not uncommon.


(Stock Photo)

Windward winch could come in handy


Working hard just waiting for the strike….which never came. Oh well, we are back out in the sound on the way to Eluthera next week, so you just never know….


We anticipated some strong SE wind soon after our arrival so we tucked in next to the town of Old Bight just as tight as we could. We have never been to Old Bight so looked forward to doing a little exploring as soon as the wind laid down.


Color match is no so good in the panorama…


That wind took a solid 24 hours before we could get the dinghy in the water  so as soon as it was safe we were off. There is supposedly a Old Bight Landing along the beach but we did not see it. We did notice a creek entrance so we made a right hand turn into there.


As we entered the inlet we noted the creek continued south and there was a road there as well. As all cruisers know, its easier to dinghy than walk to we stayed in “Blossom” as long as we could.


Sadly after about a 1/2 mile the creek ran out not seeing anywhere to land we went back and landed near the “road.”


BTW, when I said road, I meant the gravel road..We walked about 1/4 of a mile and found the “main” road.


There is a custom on this island if someone dies inside a house, the house is abandoned. There are empty houses all over the place. It sure is different….


I think this is the party my friend Ty would support if he lived here….”DUCK!” Smile


As we were walking, excuse me for saying this but it was getting pretty darn hot. In the distance I saw a sign that said “Cold One.” Yea not that’s what I am talking about! Well actually it said Cold Zone so we continued walking.


In case you cannot read the sign it says “Kings Car Wash.” I bet business booms here once and a GREAT while!


After a couple miles we found Missy’s Take-Away where todays special was Cranked Conk which was delicious! As you can see you can sit on either side of the road depending on how the sun is!


As you can see the sun was getting low in the sky so a nice lady picked us up and took us back to where we left the dinghy.  We arrived back aboard Magnolia just after the sunset> Just had to get a picture of our girl with the beautiful light!


Tomorrow we head to Fernandez Bay to wait out yet another weather front coming through on Saturday!

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  1. What a nice tour sailors… Especially appreciate the dinghy versus walking and thirsty versus Cool Zone… We’re having cool weather even in the south so stay thirsty

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