2015-02-23—Winding Down George Town

Some people depend on that hairy creature to crawl out of a hole and see his shadow to determine when winter is going to end. For us its that first 100 a/h day that makes it clear the days are getting longer. (more sun, more “ampies”). We usea about 138ish everyday so the more solar ampies, less generator run time. We are at about 30 min a day right now.


The upside of running the generator is a warm engine room…where the heck else is the bread dough going to rise?


S/V Second Sally finally made it to the Bahamas so it was great to catch up with Greg & Marie. We anchored a couple miles out of George Town proper in Masters Harbor which was a great escape from the harbor!


The Bahamas have their own music style called Rake & Scrape which strikes me closest to what you would hear in Louisiana…that’s just my assessment and I am surely no music expert!


None the less our friend Prudence had to get out on the dance “floor.”


The Admiral does not generally get to involved in drink mixing but when she does, she certainly excels! A little rum, coconut and mango juice!


We assume many people believe all we do is consume drinks with umbrellas like those above. I am not going to make the ludicrous statement like hardly ever or we come here for the educational possibilities, but the truth is in the middle. Below is the book/movie exchange table. We do a lot of reading, I am currently working on “The Heir Apparent, the Life of Edward VII” (I am trying to take a break from my traditional biographies of famous American Politicians.


This lady is giving a presentation on actions to preserve and protect the local reefs.



There are a fair number of families in which the kids are “boat schooled.” I can only imagine the self confidence these kids will have when they return to a more traditional life.


Of course there is a lecture on batteries and charging systems. I know you may be shocked but there are a few thing to know about how to charge batteries safely and so they last. Most all of Magnolia’s major systems depend on battery power. It’s a really big part of our life out here.


George Town has earned its nick name – “Adult Day Care” as well as its motto “A transitional step to assisted living”


Truth be told, we have spent longer here in George Town than we planned. The last 3 weeks the US has been getting hammered with cold and snow we get those same weather systems as high winds. This pattern seems to be breaking down so we are going to make a move out to Cat Island on Wednesday. Its about a 50 mile sail over some really deep water (ie fishing opportunity). More on that soon!


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  1. As always. So happy for both of you. Stay safe. All is well here. We are in Nashville ending a trip planned around visiting presidential libraries and food! On our way home. Yes weather even in the south has been unusually cold. Love e&f

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