2014-11-08 Family, Friends the Privilege (St Augustine FL)

Saint Augustine is the home my Grandfather Emerson’s brother Wayne. We were able to visit him last fall on our trip south. We had a very enjoyable time visiting with he and Carmen. To all my friends, Wayne is 96 as I recall so you could (hopefully)  have to put up with me for quite some time!!!



Later in the day SV Cutting Class arrive St Augustine from their homeport in Connecticut. You might recall we had a terrific visit with Dan and Marcia last summer when we visited.  In addition friends Bert & Pru (Exuberant) and Ted & Sally (Amici) also arrived so it has been quite a reunion in St Augustine!


The Admiral touring downtown St Augustine


The only town I have seen where the Presbyterian church is much more ornate than the Roman Catholics!



We saw a bit more of St Augustine this visit than last yet more to see on our next visit!



I thought the monument to the Spanish Trail was cool. Portsmouth VA is the zero marker for modern day road measurements.



During our visit with Wayne and Carmen the Admiral had the foresight to ask if there was anything we should see while in St Augustine.  We had no idea there was a copy of the “David” here and thankfully it was brought to our attention!







As far as the Privilege part of the title. Once again we are reminded how lucky we are. The visit with my Uncle Wayne and Carmen, reuniting with friends we have traveled with, seeing what the David really looks like and finding out there is such a thing as a Marty Balin store, well how could we not feel privileged!!!!

BTW, Wayne we will be seeing you in the spring so be well!

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  1. A and A- thinking about you this Thanksgiving week. I found a recipe from Aunt LaVera- Oatmeal cake- and I think it’s going to grace our dessert table. We’ll be wondering where Magnolia will take you this week. J&G McA

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