2014-07-22 Groton CT

Part of me wishes I could report all the accomplishments onboard Magnolia. All the maintenance that has been accomplished and things fixed and repaired. Well that would be an out and out lie. None of those things have happened!

We enjoyed a nice motor over from Block Island, RI to Groton, CT. (We have been really hurting for a nice breeze!)


As we passed through the Watch Hill Passage we were presented with some pretty impressive homes ashore. As we understand it the white house on the hill is owned by Taylor Swift.





As we approached our mooring ball in Groton, CT the first thing we noted was our neighbors – a family of ospreys. The anchorage immediately felt at home with our old friends, the osprey, common in the Chesapeake.


Our view from the mooring ball our friends loaned us for our visit.




Since the crew of Magnolia will be heading for a family reunion in Ohio, it gave us a great opportunity to throw a “BBQ what’s in the reefer” party! Amazingly three boats from the local yacht club all made the trek to the Bahamas and we were lucky enough to meet all at one point or another throughout the winter.  What fun getting together to share our sailing stories and future plans. (L-R) Anthony – Annette, “Magnolia” – Dave – Sue, “San Cles”, Al – Michele, “Kindred Spirit” – Dan – Marcia, “Cutting Class”


Dan and Marcia were saddened when we were coerced into admitting we had not had a lobster since we arrived in New England. Dan and Marcia both grew up in the Mystic / Groton area so after a terrific tour of the the are we moved to their backyard. “Pause Button” They have a wonderful 1920s home that invites anyone entering to feel welcome and relaxed. “Forward Button”


These guys do not stand a chance against this crew!


That is a a beautiful Lobster!!! Good food and great friends just make me so happy!


Dan and Marcia enjoying sharing their world! We are so happy to be included. All of us that were in the Bahamas Class of 13/14 share a bond that I hope we will carry until we will old and gray!


Dan, Marcia, Al, Michele, Sue and Dave – we shared an adventure that we hope will tie us together for a lifetime. Thank you for sharing yourselves, your home and your community!

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