2014-07-21 Block Island

Before we get onto Block Island proper I wanted to show you a picture a friend sent us taken during our passage up from Cape May to Block Island – Thanks SV Braveheart

Block Island, RI is about halfway across Block Island Sound between Montauk, NY and Newport, RI. Until we started sailing I had never heard of the place! It was a nice place to start our New England adventure.


In 1865 a channel was cut to open the Islands Salt Pond to the ocean and create a very protected anchorage and a great location from which to explore the island.


You just have to look around a little and know you are no longer in the Mid-Atlantic. There is a definitely a difference in the architecture!




I got a kick out of this, a pickup truck from Texas with surfboards parked in a lot in Rhode Island….just me?2014_07_14_16_02_12_AWB-021


(L-R) SV Braveheart (Mike & Kathy), SV Exuberant (Bert & Pru), Annette. Magnolia and Exuberant have crossed paths up and down the coast all the way to Georgetown Bahamas and always fun catching up with them. We met Braveheart on our way up the Jersey coast. Yes you make friends 20 miles offshore sometimes….


(L-R) MV Amici (Ted & Sally), Anthony. Our hosts for the evening were Ted & Sally who we met through Exuberant. See how crazy it can get sometimes. None the less Ted is an excellent cook and we all made contributions to the wide array of dishes. A fun night and look forward to meeting up again. Thanks again, Ted & Sally!!!


The other memorable moment from Block Island was the 193 Amp Hour day achieved by the solar panels. An epic achievement to say the least!!!


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