2014-07-29 Family Reunion Lima Ohio

The Steinke side of the family has been holding a family reunion in Lima for more years than I can remember. No matter where we are or what I am doing I try my best to get there. I think I have missed one our of the last “gazillion” years! This years point of departure was a mooring ball in Groton, CT. We bundled Magnolia up the best we could thanked profusely our friends on Kindred Spirit and Cutting Class for keeping and eye on her and off we went.  Note: Most all family pictures were pilfered from my cousins.


We brought a number of books on “tape” but the FDR book covered us for more than the trip out but most of the way back too! Tina Fey brought us the rest of the way back!


As soon as Dan & Lori arrived Cow and Bunny could not wait to exchange travel stories. Bunny could not wait to show off his new custom made like jacket!


The setting of the re-union was my cousins farm outside of Wapakoneta, OH. Also the hometown of Neil Armstrong. Smile


The Arizona contingent in black Tricia, Les (my grandmothers brother) Jeanette (my grandmothers sister) Sheridan & John


Dan & Lori looking after the zoo.


Me and my godson hanging out.


10491966_10204147533159332_7384609940271106787_n (1)


After 1568 miles in 6 days the crew (Bunny too!) arrived back aboard Magnolia who hung out just fine in our absence. Preparations are being made to get underway on Wednesday with the hope to be in Maine mid- week next! Details as they become available.


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