2014-10-22–Southport, NC

Several months ago we made plans with the Tennars (from Tabernacle, NJ) and the Volpes (Southport, NC) to rendezvous here in Southport, NC. As Magnolia arrived at the marina we noted several Coast Guard and Southport Police standing around a vessel which apparently had some drugs onboard.  If one were ever moving drugs on the east coast, don’t use a vessel with a homeport of Miami FL. This was like an episode of “Stupid Criminals.”


After a delightful visit by Annette’s cousins from Durham in downtown Southport, we moved Magnolia down to St. James Plantation about 5 miles down the Intracoastal Waterway where Joe & Christine Volpe make their home. We invited the Volpes to make the short transit with us and they quickly joined us. Did I mention that Joe is a retired Navy Captain who has commanded several Navy ships all over the world? Yea, no pressure here! Magnolia was on her best behavior and helped her crew not embarrass themselves during the short trip. We apparently passed our “check ride.” Smile 


How many Navy references do you see in this photo? 


We were all invited over to Volpe Manor for a barbeque and the only thing I could offer was my semi-famous barbeque bread.


It was one of those exceptionally wonderful evenings you get to share with good friends!



After dinner we settled down and watched the movie “Safe Haven” which was filmed right here in Southport.



This was great because as many know Jack and I have been running around together for only about 30+ years and I have always been the short guy. Well….


in the visitor center one of the displays was the resident who was 7 feet 8 inches tall! Someone who could finally call Jack shorty!


In addition to Safe Haven there have been many movies and television shows made in the area. Since we have been in the area one of the hot topics has been the tax advantages NC gives to production companies. It seems those are about to be rolled back and people are really up in arms!


We took a tram ride around town which showed many movie and television production locations.


This is the church from the television show “Under The Dome.”


I forget this one but cool home….


This is the “guys” house from Safe Haven.


This little cottage caught my eye last year when we were here. Its just a cute place in a great neighborhood.


Southport water-front




Magnolia did not want to be left out so we had everyone over for a little happy hour on the way to dinner.


Bunny even managed to get out of the hutch for the visit.






Sadly next morning it was time to get underway. Magnolia went offshore heading for Charleston. We were gifted with the below about 30 miles off the NC/SC border.


Joe/Christine thank you so much for hosting all of us. Jack/Kathy thanks for driving all the way down. Weekends like these are why we really feel so lucky…ok sunsets like the above are pretty cool too! Be safe my friends!

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