2014-10-14–Another LATE Blog….SORRY

Magnolia has been on a real tear for the first 434 miles of our trip south. We have had great weather,  fabulous visits with family and friends and Magnolia has performed flawlessly! After departing Hampton we went just a few miles up the Elizabeth River to Portsmouth. On the ay we pass by the Navy Piers on the Norfolk water-front. Below is USS Eisenhower getting a little dockside tune-up.


Below the Cruiser & Destroyer piers.



As we arrived in Portsmouth a sailing friend following us on Marine Traffic messaged us a friend of theirs was nearby and we should go by for a visit…we walked over but think we cruise in different circles! A very lovely couple though! 


We had a wonderful dinner and evening with my niece Lori and her husband Adam. I have to admit after our third visit, we still do not have a picture! We start yacking and the evening flies by!

Magnolia slept in since the Gilmerton Bridge does not open till 9:00 to make sure people get to work on time….can you believe it.


A couple miles further we follow right along I-64. It makes me sad seeing those people rushing to work!


We chose to take the Dismal Swamp route which required Magnolia to go through a lock on the the north end and another on the south end. In between the two locks, Magnolia was raised 8 feet.


This is the south lock before being emptied to lower Magnolia.


After a long day on the Dismal we anchored behind Goat Island, lit the barbeque and enjoyed a beautiful evening.


We found Belhaven on the recommendation of an old friend Ty Giesemann. On our return one of the first thing I saw was a Marine Corp flag. I am sure my friend was saying hi!


We visited a new port on this trip, Oriental, NC. In spite of the fact there seems to be a good size fishing fleet it is called the sailing capital of NC.



As we were passing through Morehead City we came right through more fishing boats than we have ever encountered before. The funny thing it was NOT the weekend. Does no one work in NC?


As you can see it has been a wonderful trip this far!


We arrived in Southport NC and welcomed Annette’s cousin Val and her husband for a couple day visit. Jack & Kathy Tennar are coming to town this weekend to visit mutual friends Joe and Christine Volpe which will translate to come great camaraderie and plenty of high-jinx! Looking forward, just have to get past this little front passing through tonight and tomorrow first! 

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  1. Love reading about your adventures— especially as I’m one of those working types, presently on delayed flight from one client engagement to the next. But one year from now we’ll be following your path!

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