2014-10-01 Feeling Optimistic

More about the title later but Magnolia had a great visit “home” but it was entirely too short to get the visiting in we would have liked to have done. We missed seeing many people and that we are sorry. We are still figuring out this lifestyle and obviously have a bit more work to do. We will keep working it. On the upside Magnolia returned in really good shape so from a maintenance perspective we were really in good shape.

On the way “out of town” Magnolia enjoyed the Seven Seas Cruising Association “get-together” near Galesville, MD. It is getting to be our tradition to participate in the SSCA Gam and then immediately start our trip south. Last years departure was filled with excitement and a lot of anxiety. Thankfully A LOT less anxiety this year but with a little sadness. Two of the boats we spent the most time with last year will not be heading south this year. Sad smile Our spirits were lifted as we departed Galesville in company some of the boats migrating south this fall.

Out first stop was Solomon’s Island, MD where we had the opportunity to visit SV Vacilando (http://www.mondovacilando.com/). We have only met a couple times over the last couple of years but we really connected with them. Chris and Melody are fabulously talented artistic people. Chris in music, Melody in Web Development and Jewelry making. We had a very enjoyable evening and always great to see them.

Feeling Optimistic: I “feel” like I am always hearing how bad the world is for those starting out though all of our nieces, nephews and the rest of the GenIVs seem to be getting it done. None the less it still sounds “bad” out there. As we arrived in Hampton, VA the Admiral wanted to do some sewing so that was my que to head for the hardware store and generally disappear! After walking to the hardware store I got a line on Hair Style School where you can get a haircut for $6. I got a great haircut and heard how excited this young man was and how he wanted to teach his son how to save a little money. Music to my ears! After the “cost avoidance” on the haircut I figured I could slip in an ice cream cone. The young lady there was working two jobs, saving for college and excited she was going to be made a manager at her other job. Did I mention she JUST graduated from high school and here she seems to have a plan and working it. I sure wish I was half, stet a quarter on the ball as she at that age. The bottom line, think what you like but I am feeling pretty optimistic the world is not in fact ending nor are “things” all that bad. Life may not be good for all but not the end either. 

2 thoughts on “2014-10-01 Feeling Optimistic

  1. What a nice post, Anthony. We need to share more about those special moments that happen teach of us in our daily lives, and give us hope for the future. It isn’t all doom and gloom. Be safe – we are with you in spirit.

  2. Anthony, Happy to hear that Magnolia and her skipper and Admiral are doing so well. Also impressed by your optimism; we had a similar encounter with a most impressive recent HS grad in Colorado Springs when we went out for a milkshake. He was swabbing the deck in a Chick-fil-A at 2145, almost closing time, and greeted us with a huge smile and a “We are so happy you decided to dine with us tonight, sir.” Turns out he also teaches an Honor School for young men, focusing on honor, chivalry, civility, and lessons from heroes from the past. He’s another one of our hopes for the future. Fair winds, Ty

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