2013-12-30 Bahamas Bound, “Poised & Ready!”

Magnolia along with our friends aboard Eleanor Q positioned ourselves for an early departure to Bimini Bahamas bright and early tomorrow (Monday). Today was an easy 11 mile motor from Miami Beach down to Key Biscayne.


Though we were a bit surprised a weather window presented itself this quickly we are disappointed that we will not be able to visit with fellow GenIV cousin Kyle. We were very much looking forward to catching up.








In addition to the pictures, Eleanor Q provided the headline for the post, “Poised & Ready.” Below you can see Magnolia poised and ready to head for sea and onto the Bahamas. Annette and I positioned the dinghy on the forecastle for transit across the gulf stream. Though tomorrows passage is a little less than 50 miles, needing to cross the gulf stream makes the passage our most challenging.


In addition to taking wonderful photographs, Eleanor Q writes a wonderful blog at: http://eleanorq.wordpress.com/


Wish us luck on our passage and do not worry if it takes sometime to re-establish “coms.”

We will be wishing you all a Happy New Years and a happy start to your 2014!

8 thoughts on “2013-12-30 Bahamas Bound, “Poised & Ready!”

  1. Stunning views. Have a Happy New Year and “tip” one for me. I am with you in “spirit”!!! Would love to return to the Bahamas’ someday!! Cousin Kris

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