2013-12-29–Miami Beach (Hang’n in the hood w/Eva, Jen & Kim

After departing Coral Ridge Yacht Club in Fort Lauderdale we of course had to pay a little penance so Fort Lauderdale gave us 3 more bridges to go through before we were able to depart their fine city. In honestly it was a lovely place to spend the Christmas Holiday. We look forward to visiting again! Here is a picture of Eleanor Q off the coast of Miami.




As we passed the break-water at the entrance of Miami Harbor, also known as Government Cut, I saw these skyscrapers and then this little building at there base. I then saw the sign and wished they had dock and dine because the would have been perfect. The place is Smith & Wollensky


Shortly there after we entered the main harbor passing the cargo area.



Of course we had to wait for one more bridge but at least we had a large turning basin and a beautiful skyline to enjoy. It also gave me time to receive a surprise phone call from my niece which was the high point of my day! (Picture Eleanor Q)


In the direction opposite the skyline was the cruise passenger terminal with 5, yup 5 cruise ships at dock. I have know idea how many people might be on those ships but it was must be a crazy scene with all those people running around! (Picture Eleanor Q)




We finally reached out anchorage up in what is called Sunset Lake. The anchorage is a little out of the way but with only 3 boats here it was nice and quiet, or as quiet as it gets in Miami Beach!


After a morning of checking in with my godson via skype we were off to Miami Beach for a walk about. Beautiful people, buildings and expensive stuff. Got it!


photo 1

photo 3

photo 4

Had to stop in and drop my cousins name…”oh yes your cousin shops here often, send our regards” You know who you are!


Upon our return I was preparing the boat for tomorrows departure and so I had to google the yachts moored off our bow. Utopia II and Utopia III. It appears they have been in the news…..

Eva: http://www.luxist.com/2011/02/09/eva-longoria-spotted-in-miami-on-utopia-iii-superyacht/

Kim: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1258279/Birthday-girl-Eva-Longoria-joined-Kim-Kardashian-help-celebrate-turning-35.html

Jen: http://www.southflorida.com/events/on-the-list-blog/sfl-jennifer-lopez-cruises-around-miami-in-a-yacht-20130123,0,1237569.story

oppps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnOvNxRGc3A


Magnolia is preparing to get underway in the morning for “No-Name Harboar” about 10 miles south off Key Biscayne Bay. Note: I believe near the home of President Nixon and where movie Scarface was made. I know, too much Google time!!!

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