2013-10-23–Anniversary In Edenton, NC

To say we are enjoying our stay in Edenton would be an understatement. I am on a first name basis with the guys at the local TrueValue hardware store and the fact that its 2 blocks from the town dock is a huge plus. Walking on the streets here you cannot pass someone without or giving a greeting.  Its truly is a special little place! Everywhere you turn there is a little (or big) hidden garden or an interesting home to view.


Magnolia is really enjoying being at the town dock too. She got a good bath and a number of “maintenance actions” since we have arrived. 015020021019017018

Edenton might be a small town but there is little lacking. We stopped at a small independent coffee shop that served every special coffee a Starbucks would. In addition there is even the tiny Taylor movie theater where we saw “Gravity” and “Capt. Phillips” starts Friday. Again a couple blocks from the town dock.


Last evening we had dinner at the “Waterman’s Grill” which was a nice treat after a full day of boat chores. 006003004

We took a trolley ride of historic town area this afternoon and will be celebrating 9 years tonight at another restaurant called “Bistro 309”. We are keeping busy taking care of Magnolia and sightseeing while we wait for November 1st when we can continue south! Can’t wait cause the are is starting to cool down!

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