2013-10-21– Edenton, NC — A Tagline That Does Not Lie

 “One of America’s Prettiest Towns” and Edenton does not lie!

Magnolia departed Broad Creek which is off the North River near Albemarle Sound on Sunday. We delayed our departure one (1) day to take advantage of a forecast north wind which we road under sail most of the way west across the sound. He sailed under a double reefed main, a “handkerchief” jib in 17-25 making 5.5 – 7.0 all the way across.


Our Automatic Identification System (AIS) is real life. When we about 7 miles apart from the pictured barge and using our I AIS system I could see that Magnolia and the barge were going to be under that bridge within 1 minute of each other. As you can see from the pictures that would have been a bad plan. We simply made a wide sweep north and allowed the barge to move on through. No fuss no muss!


We were very much looking forward to visiting Edenton based on what we read. Even before we tied Magnolia up we could see we were not going to be disappointed. The homes appeared absolutely lovely as we approached.


The town goes to a great deal of effort to provide secure pleasant in-expensive facilities. Granted out visit was pretty late in the season but we had the place to ourselves! 


After traveling 292.88nm since departing Galesville our girl is looking pretty good!


We will write more once we explore town further than the local Dairy Queen, though that alone nearly made the trip worthwhile!

5 thoughts on “2013-10-21– Edenton, NC — A Tagline That Does Not Lie

  1. Just read your post to Frank…,pertaining to the last line about Dairy Queen he said, “Duh!” Love getting the heads up from you two about places yet to come!

    • Where is Eleanor Q? we have not heard much from the blog of late? There is a DQ at Great Bridge Lock, about 10 minute walk from the dock between lock and bridge. That is addition to the one here. Sadly we got caught by a brief but heavy shower just after lunch here in Edenton. Fortuitously we were standing in front of Tasty Freeze where we able to take refuge…and have a sundae of course!!! Be Safe, look forward to seeing you!

    • Hi Larry, Are you referring to the Magnolia Track Map on the blog? I use a plugin call wp-gpx map to do that. You install the plugin and then simply FTP the gpx file up to server. Does that help? If you need more I can write a more detailed response. Let me know.

  2. A2, Suzanne and I are happy to see you guys out on your Great Adventure. Edenton is a nice, quaint, friendly town. Can certainly understand DQ for dessert, but for breakfast wondered if you are getting into Southern culture and going to our favorite place, Waffle House. We remember taking you guys to WH once for Annette’s first ever visit, and she asked the waitress, “Do you have bagels?” We still laugh about that! Fair Winds, Ty & Suzanne, formerly Liberty….

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