2012-10-18–A week of firsts…and Lucky Duck is back!

After transiting our first lock, a few bridges, crossing the boarder into North Carolina, , saying “see you soon next time” to Kindred Spirit and performing boat maintenance in “exotic locations,” it was certainly  full week.


(This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. When I took it we were in the middle of the channel. Reagan’s “Trust but Verify” screams out to me when it comes to chart plotters!)


(Mile 50 of the Intercostal Water Way – we still have a ways to go!)

(Welcome to North Carolina, Please enjoy your stay) – Photo Kindred Spirit


(After a long day on the water – we had wonderful dinner aboard Kindred Spirit)

– Photo Kindred Spirit

After moving the boats a couple miles from Buck Island to Broad Creek it was time for a little exploring. We stumbled across a small creek/canal that had the theme song of “Deliverance” coming from it.  How could we resist?


(I told Al & Michelle there family would get this picture if we did not make it out)

(We would not have wanted them to go on their own!) – Photo Kindred Spirit

Kindred Spirit got underway to continue their trip south while Annette and get some chores done and a little more sight seeing.  First was to get the chores taken care of. First thing to be conquered was wooden stoop step into the cockpit. The varnish was terrible and I just had not made time to tackle it. Primarily because I did not know how I was going to get it off. See the builder or a previous owner did not want it to fall off so in addition to the screws they used some caulk/adhesive just to be sure. I was certain I was going to crack the wood before I got it off, but the Lucky Duck emerged!  I was not prepared to start the varnish but at least know I can get the thing off when I am ready!


I have been having a small test of will with a leaky deck drain but today I am feeling confident that a new cover and a little Butyl Tape will resolve the problem once and for all!


Meanwhile the Admiral (aka Seamless Sailor) busily working on sewing projects.

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(Seamless Sailor displaying todays accomplishments, chart cover, a repaired flag and a repaired swim platform cover.)


(Evening moon rise as I was manning the grill)

Magnolia expects to stay here in Broad Creek until Sunday when we pan to sail about 25 miles west to Edenton, NC. The town is suppose to have a historical significance, I just don’t know what that is yet….will let you know! Until then, be safe A**2

PS Kindred Spirit, you are missed!

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