2013-10-16– HEADLINE — Lucky Duck succumbs to Duck Weed

For many years the running joke between my friend Greg Rodgers and I is that I am the Lucky Duck and we refer to him, well we will let that go for now! None the less Magnolia got underway Tuesday morning from Portsmouth with intent of going south using the Dismal Swamp Canal rather than the Virginia Cut Canal.


Before getting to the Canals though we had a couple of “un-restricted” bridges to pass under and others we needed to wait for an opening at some prescribed time. The photo series is from one of the un-restricted bridges. Even though the unrestricted bridge is 65 feet and our mast is 58 feet it is still rather unnerving from Magnolia deck!


(Gilmerton Bridge in Chesapeake, VA)


(Magnolia courtesy of SV Kindred Spirit)



(Magnolia courtesy of SV Kindred Spirit)


(Magnolia courtesy of SV Kindred Spirit)


Just as we approached the “Y-In-The-Road” we heard radio traffic about Duck-Weed clogging boat engine water intakes causing over-heating conditions. After Kindred Spirits call to TowUS and Magnolia’s call to Dismal Swamp Lock it was decided we had better do a “U-ey” and head for the Virginia Cut. Our understanding has been the VA Cut is like the interstate and Dismal is like the country road so you can imagine our disappointment.



(Magnolia courtesy of SV Kindred Spirit)

Our herd of boats arrived Great Bridge Locks via the Virginia Cut shortly after noon. We were able to almost immediately enter the lock.


(Magnolia courtesy of SV Kindred Spirit)


(Magnolia courtesy of SV Kindred Spirit)


Kindred Spirit get their lines across to the side of the lock.



As the lock doors open Magnolia prepares to depart the lock. We tied to a public dock just outside the lock and spent a quiet evening relaxing with friends.

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