2013-10-15–Bad Blog Writer

I throw myself at the hands of the blog and ask for forgiveness. We have simply been doing too much socializing to keep! As it happened the very day Kindred Spirit and San Cles got underway from Hampton our  friends Greg & Marie arrived “home.” (Their boat Second Sally is currently berthed here in Tidewater region.) We spent a fun evening in Hampton and then got underway on Saturday morning. The rest of the story is Greg and Marie are the couple who helped us initially bring Magnolia home from Florida to Virginia. This was the first time that they had been underway with us on Magnolia so it was fun to show that we had tried to remember a few of the things they taught us! We would not be doing this today if it were not for them.


(Annette can find Magnolia’s wherever we go!)

After getting over to Little Creek it was time for us and Marie to catch up on laundry and grocery store shopping. So off we went with dock carts trailing! ( I promise to get better at pictures!

Sunday then our friends from Pentagon Sailing Club, Mike and Tina came for a visit. We last saw them in Rockhall, MD over Labor Day so it was a fun evening of food drink and lots of laughter.

Magnolia and crew got underway from Little Creek in “bumpy” conditions on Monday morning in route back to Portsmouth. Once we turned the corner on the Elizabeth River things smoother considerable.

Kindred Spirit was anchored at Portsmouth so we made plans to see Capt Philips at the the Commodore Theatre. It is Art Deco style building that has dining and drinks right in the theatre. It is really cool! The movie was excellent as well!


We are finally getting out of Tidewater tomorrow and head for the Dismal Swamp. Looking forward to getting out of “towns” for a while!

2 thoughts on “2013-10-15–Bad Blog Writer

  1. I thought that was a “PIRATE BRAID” in your hair Annette!!! Thought you were getting into the Halloween spirit and sailing “SPIRIT”, ie, the pirate braid. But after looking uch closer realized was your glasses chain. Giggled at myself for that one–what a doof!!! Having grand times-so happy for you both. I am with you both is “spirit”-have always wanted to sail, glad you are doing it!! Kris

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