2013-10-26–House’s Of Edenton, NC

Before we get going on the house tour check out our “Chariot” provided by the fine town of Edenton. As part of the benefit for taking a slip in Edenton, in addition to hot showers you get to sign out a truck to run errands such as grocery and laundry both about 3 miles away., both good experiences.


Above and below, same home, can not decide which door is front and which is back?



We were told this home recently sold for 1.4M but that was before the renovation to include the bowling alley in the basement!


Below is the towns former ice house that has been converted to a one (1) bedroom, one (1) bath home. This is one my absolute favorites. This place must be solid as a rock.


Below is a 60s modernistic home which Annette liked a lot. She particularly likes the fact that you can look in the front door right out to the water. It really did look interesting.


We want that screened in porch (someday).


As we returned from our afternoon adventure we were able to watch Elizabeth II arrive for a weekend visit.



All day Friday classroom after classroom of local kids toured the ship. You tell they really had a great time! Can not wait to see the lines of adults on Saturday. Crazy part was the number of crewman who came over to visit Magnolia cause they saw a “great looking boat over here!” 036


After plodding from many of the locals Annette and I crossed the bridge and went around the gate which said “Private Property” onto Hayes Plantation.


We walked for a couple of miles along manicured country road finally coming across a cemetery where famous locals James Johnston.


Safely back on “public” lands we came across this bell with the words “U.S.L.H Establishment 1901.” This one took some Google work to nail and the only thing I could get was “United States Light House.”


Edenton is a town of 5000, and surrounding county is 15,000 total population. In spite of the relative size there is so much going on here. We departed Magnolia last evening stopping at an artists exhibit at the City Art Council Office right next to the dock. There much have been 40 people enjoying a pleasant evening with the artist over wine and appetizers. That was our first stop as our primary goal was the Edenton Coffee House for an evening of live music. The evening really is a family experience with no alcohol there are plenty of kids and people of every imaginable age. Half of the attendees seem to know each other and people kept coming with folding chairs in the aisles. There must have been at least 75 people there. Speaking with an employee she related it was like this most Fridays nights. She said there are few regulars but because of the different music genres that play in attracts different people every week. Really amazing evening!

Tonight we are attending  a monthly event at the “Edenton Bay Trading Company”. It is purported to be a wine tasting but is really known for the local dishes served. We are really looking forward!



I am so amazed by this town, we left the boat at 1800 on our way to an evening of music

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    • Huge fun! This town has been fabulous. Just came back from the “soda shop” (a real one) after a hot fudge sundae. It was the one thing we had not done so we are ready to go in the morning! Its a long 47 mile haul (its a sail boat) over to Elizabeth City, NC tomorrow. Going to be a long day! Thanks for coming along! Be Safe A**2

  1. Don’t know why that registered as 4:48 pm. I replied @ 12:50!! Oh well, it’s probably something I didn’t do correctly. Anyway, have a great sail! Living “my bucket list” item through you. Loving it!!

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