2013-05-08 Hanging Locker Conversion

The Admiral wanted the hanging locker converted for additional shelf space. If you go back and review 2012-04-16 “Single Digit Midget” & “Nearing Splash Time” you will see the beginning of this project. As I said at the time “The Admiral suggested Wire Rack Shelves but I initially resisted because of  how to make them work with a curved which backs the cabinet. I will build some suspense with the answer cause I think it might be one of my best ever ideas! In the meantime I used some left over oak threshold material for supports. I used some thickened West epoxy to attach them to the exposed hull fiberglass. After some primer and paint they will be ready for that surprise shelf solution so standby!”

As can be seen below the supports were indeed epoxied to the bulkhead, taped up and painted. As you can see the paint plan came off the tracks, it happens. The paint bled behind tape! Thankfully the supports are at the BACK of the cabinet!


As you probably know there are no square edges on a boat yet the Admiral wants rectangular wire shelves installed. The solution was to simply trim the wire shelves to the shape of the hull as required.


The Admiral and I split a piece of 1/2 inch PVC lengthwise and opened it wide enough to insert the individual shelf wires. The PVC grips the wires like a vice and completely stiffens the overall shelf. I am not sure about corrosion where the shelves were cut. Could be a problem down the road (waterway), but if they need to be redone, they are cheap and next time I will fill the the PVC with epoxy. (I think I am becoming an epoxy addict)  


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