2013-04-23 Workshop In The Clouds

I was preparing to apply a coat of varnish to some shelves out of the aft cabin when realized how lucky I am to have such a scenic workshop. Granted it is open to the weather a bit more than I would prefer but perhaps that is part of its charm. As you can see we live in a 11th floor condominium in Arlington, VA. The pictures truly do not do the view justice but what a gift to see the world from this vantage point.  The good and the bad. We are close enough to the Pentagon that on 9-11 the inside of the house smelled of smoke and the silence of the airport was deafening.

About 1.5 miles is the Jefferson Memorial (left of the mineral spirits can).


The US Capital is between to the two cans along with the Potomac river below


Oh yes, and the shelve too!


Washington Reagan Airport with the Potomac beyond is a close neighbor too. Amazingly planes are not too noisy, it’s the nearby trains that sometimes irritate! When they do, we just look at the river and wonder where Magnolia is going to take us!


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