2019-08-16 Block Island, Shennecossett, Port Jefferson, Oyster Bay

As the title suggests, Magnolia has definitely been on the move but at a leisurely pace! After a lovely visit to Newport, meeting up with MV Privateer and delebrating Al & MIcheles Anniversary our hearts were certainly full. We still though were blessed to have dear friends in the area…and we were off to Block Island.

A short hop down to Block and we rafted up with MV Amici. We visited just the one evening but glad to know they will be bringing Amici south this winter so we are sure we will connect!

It was a brief visit which as I write is our “modus-operandi” this entire trip! Next stop was down to Shennecossett Yacht Club where we met up with Al & Michele along with Dean and MaryJo.

We have met Dean and MaryJo several times over the years. They are members at Schenny as well so the details are all a little fuzzy! Friendly, kind and always fun. We had some leftover Anniversary Celebrating to do so we just continued on!

It was a lovely evening as always. Hanging on the Watson Mooring Ball is a prime relaxation location!

After a night of celebrating and a reprovision run Magnolia was off to Port Jefferson. We had fair current the whole way down Long Island Sound.

In addition to the fair current we had some expected thunderstorms coming in at sunset.

Unknown to us that fellow Pentagon Sailing Club PSC) Members SV The Norm (Rhonda & Bruce) but not only that, another PSC Member, Ross was skippering a Naval Academy Sailboat which also was making a port visit.

First though we had to get through the approaching thunderstorms.

As it turned out much more a rain event…and there was a LOT of rain!

The next morning we stopped by marina where the Academy Boat Captains were and we managed to get Ross off to lunch

We did not find Port Jefferson an overly friendly place for visiting yachtsman but we muddled through.

It really was a fun afternoon catching up and how we all ended up doing what we are doing. I guess self validation we were not completely nuts! (L-R Ross, Bruce, Annette, Rhona, Anthony)

A beautiful wrap to a fun day!

Next stop was a visit to Oyster Bay New York which I have looking forward to for a long time. It is the home of President Theodore Roosevelt. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagamore_Hill_(house) )

Before….I did not know Billy Joel is a resident as well. Below is HIS cycle shop ( http://www.20thcenturycycles.com/ )

Famous Theodore Roosevelts Rough Rider Equestrian statue, copy from original in Portland, Oregon ( I have no idea why Portland)

To our surprise MV Unforgettable made an overnight visit. A quick visit and dinner plan was assembled…except for the picture!!!!! A great evening and always happy to catch up with Scott & Melissa.

Thanks to some boater advice we were able to beach Blossom and then a mile walk to Sagamore Hill ( https://www.nps.gov/sahi/index.htm ) Gratuitous pictue of Magnolia at anchor

So the dead tree….the tree has not been removed because there is a court fight over who will get the wood!!! 🙁

With an extra day in the schedule the Admiral wanted to look for seaglass at the beach…when the Admirals….well the Captain gets to work. It was a couple mile dink ride out to the beach

with pretty fair success

Next up Port Washington and preparations to go offshore to Maryland

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