2017-09-17 – Footing Regained — Week #10

Its hard to believe it was only a week ago that Irma was in town visiting us…actually we left town and she followed us up the western side of the state. Even with the Irma on the other side of the state our friend Ray at the yard sent me this as the water started to come up…as you can see water is just over the docks at this point and went up another couple of feet after.


We can not express enough the appreciation to our friends Ty & Suzanne for taking us in on short notice. Their kind hospitality sure did a lot to relieve some of the anxiety of where to go and what to do! Besides, the view looking out at the Oaks and Spanish Moss over my morning coffee was not too tough to take!


By midweek the though it was time to get on back to Stuart and thankfully the power was restored at the same time. This is the view of Magnolia upon our arrival. We went right to work moving the extra boxes back to the rental house and getting Magnolia resettled.


The house we are renting is a cute little place about 500 yards down the creek from the boatyard. Its right on the water. It really is a lovely location.


View from the porch towards creek


Looking up the creek to the boatyard Magnolia is moored right behind the boat photo bombing the picture!


My grill area needs a little post Irma clean up but it will do nicely


A Capitol Grill Steak knife can only mean one thing for dinner!!! We gong to be easy to be here so if you have a day or two, think about trip down. We already have our first guests coming next month and very excited!!!


Even with a short week a few things got done. The Refrigerator below was dry fit with the new cabinet. I also got the galley exhaust fan installed along with some only hardware removed from the top side decks and the holes filled. Have some big goals for the coming week! Oh, yes, we did get some bad news in the Main Engine PTO Coupler we were having made was delayed and now the delivery date for that is delayed 30 days. That hurts but there is mush to get done!


Have a great week! Be Safe! PS Thank you again Ty & Suzanne

5 thoughts on “2017-09-17 – Footing Regained — Week #10

  1. Anthony and Annette, It was our privilege to have you as house guests. Amazingly, there is still wine left in the cooler! We hardly heard a peep out of you… oh yes, and you do a great job at furniture relocation. We are so glad that Magnolia-M sustained no damage from Irma and that your cottage is dry and fully functional. Good luck on your boat work, and that your main engine and auxiliary systems are back in order before the next storm comes up. (Dude, Florida in September? You should have been in Penobscot Bay!)

  2. Good news! We’ve been following your adventures and look forward to meeting up with you at some point. Our boat isn’t quite ready yet also, but it’s been fortunate because it prevented us from being in Jose’s path!

    It will be sad not to have Kindred Spirits in the Bahamas. Do you plan to take a mooring in Hopetown?

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