2017-08-20–Busy Busy Week–Week #6

Last weekend we took a break from Magnolia-M to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary. We arrived in Detroit just in time for a Florida style thunderstorm. Thankfully as in Florida it rolled in and kept on rolling right out!


First stop was a evening of catching up with classmates. We have been friends all through elementary school and one KINDERGARTEN!!! Names have been withheld to protect the innocent!!


My parents was celebrated with a Mass at Church and then a dinner at my sisters house with a lovely view of the pond.


Even the Pope sent a note of congratulations!


Arriving back in Florida our old dock-mates from Pirates Cove days, Marty & John. They happened to be in town looking at boats! It was a brief but fun visit! Thank you guys for making time.


Ok, busted, it was a Twistee Treat week too.


Some how I lost my mind and decided to get a jump on my errands…right in the middle of morning rush-hour. A rude reminder of what we left behind!


In spite of all that was going on, the engine room but a two day cleaning. An amazing transformation from where we were.


Though a small step forward but I did get the head installed and operational.


The Admiral has been hard at work on draperies. She finished the pilothouse set and now moved onto the salon drapes.


Our “arbitrator” and design consultant Robin Antonelli gave us full blessing on fabric choice.


I think its really going to pop, only pop, not blow up!


Back to equipment..the coupling that connects the Lugger Power Take Off (PTO) to the Hydraulic Pump has been a real problem. It became corroded and froze to the pump shaft. We have had the coupling cut off but we are still gathering information and costing out options. In the meantime we we did get the Injection Pump rebuilt and installed. There was discussion of repainting but I insisted on ala-natural. Its a thing of beauty and I am going to polish that baby everyday. 


We finished up the electrical last week but I just got all the lines dressed and prettied up.


With all that we accomplished this week it was time for a fun Saturday afternoon…first Annette and I started with our first Happy Hour aboard Magnolia-M. We hope it is the first of many.


The real reason for the onboard happy hour is we were waiting for my Navy buddy Mike and his family to arrive. We had a nice visit aboard and then headed off for dinner! A lovely evening!


Hope you all have a good week! Be Safe A**2

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