2012-10-14 Fall Cruise #5

On Saturday Jack & Kathy Tennar along with Neil & Merle Brown drove down from New Jersey for a weekend visit. Below is me, Jack & Neil “doing our man look”


Kathy, Merle & Annette enjoy an afternoon of browsing the small shops that line the lovely downtown area.


Below we were able to observe a large Car Carrier transit the canal



 As quickly as the weekend started it ended and it was time to start heading for home. We did not have the best weather for our trip home. The forecast called for 18-22 knts of wind coming directly from the south which is the direction needed to go. We secured the boat the best we could and off we went. We split the 75 mile trip into two days but they were certainly long ones!

We did get to spend one more night in the lovely anchorage at Worton Creek which made the long haul worth while!

A more detailed map of our complete trip is available at: Magnolia Map

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