2012-10-11 Fall Cruise #4

After leaving the truly spectacular Sassafras River Magnolia transited the Chesapeake & Delaware (C&D) Canal as far as Chesapeake City, MD.


Most ships going from or to Baltimore from Philadelphia, New York or Northern Europe transit the C&D Canal. Some of the largest ships in the world can and do pass through this canal. Thankfully we did not need to share the waters with the really huge ones. The barge and tug at anchor was plenty large!


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Upon arriving at Chesapeake City we took advantage of the Anchorage Basin just off the canal which gave us a wonderful view of the Chesapeake City Bridge.

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The C&D Canal is owned and maintained by the Army Corp of Engineers. (Canal Information) There is a small really enjoyable museum dedicated to the history of the canal. We had a very enjoyable visit. It is only open Monday – Friday though!


In preparation of friends our friends Tennars and Browns arriving we brought Magnolia into a slip to make it easier to have guests aboard. As you can see we needed to park right in front of that 53 foot Carver Power Boat. As you might know Annette does most of the boat driving in our family and this was no exception. Annette slipped Magnolia right in front of the Carver in-spite of the fact the Carver’s bow extended beyond the dock!


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