2016-11-10–Catching Up Again (Moorehead NC)

Before departing Herrington Harbor in Deale MD we did have a couple last minute items. One was to meet up with my cousin George & Julie (Magnolia Crew Members) whom we missed in the spring visit! Always great to catch up.


We also had the matter of Anniversary #12 to celebrate. Annette being a crab cake coinsurer we were able to find the perfect little corner place!


It was finally to get Magnolia off the dock and get ahead of the cold!!


The first portion of the trip was right at 400 miles from Deale, MD down to Moorehead City, NC.


As we were pushing off the dock I saw the below and took it as a good omen. My friend Greg gave me that name a long time ago…thankfully its been fairly accurate!


Out first day out found us with fabulous conditions.


We intended to sail down to Solomon’s Island but the 20knts in flat water made for a fast passage and we continued down to Reedsville. That was even with the shorter fall days!


Smith Point Light marks the south point of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay.


We arrived in Hampton VA in time to attend the Old Point Comfort Yacht Club Halloween Party with Greg & Marie. Not new tag (#dummytooknopicts).  The following night we met up for a lovely Anniversary follow-up dinner. Thank you Greg & Marie! (SV Second Sally)


Magnolia moored Sunset Marina, Hampton VA.


#dummytooknopicts – this is where a picture of our visit with Annette’s Aunt should have been!!!

As we started on the next part of our journey we departed Hampton and noted an Aegis Destroyer anchored in the harbor. Never see Navy ships out here so I can only guess the crew was too big of a Liberty Risk and and had to be isolated!!!



Great Bridge Lock is located on the Atlantic Intercostal Water Way. In the past we have used the Dismal Swamp route but the route is currently closed to the damage caused by Mathew and the other fall floods. 


Magnolia secured in the lock.


Since the ice cream store in Hampton, with great sadness we were able to score at the DQ nearby the Great Bridge Lock Free Dock!


Our friends Pat & Becky from MV Turas were nearby Great Bridge having some boat work done. Always great to catch up along the way.


The mornings around Great Bridge always look like the water version of I-95 at rush hour. Things open and spread out pretty quick thankfully.


Magnolia continued to Broad Creek where we were rewarded with a very quiet fall anchorage.






Departing Broad Creek in the morning we expected a “brisk” north winds for the trip across Albemarle Sound and down the Alligator River. We were not disappointed. Magnolia was pushed to her limit of where things go from comfortable to uncomfortable, thankfully we did not get to the “uncomfortable” level. 


The entrance to the Alligator River from Albemarle is a little tricky and sadly two boats were aground awaiting the Coast Guard and Tow Boat.


Pictures never represent the conditions very well, wind is blowing close to 30 knts and 3-4 foot short cycle waves. Our girl is solid and takes it all in stride.


The next day we arrived in Campbell Creek to visit Beth & Rip (MV Lab Partners) and Mike & Kathy (SV Braveheart).  We had a lovely little breeze all the way into the creek and Magnolia arrived in style under her main.


#dummytooknopicts – this is where a picture of our visit with Beth & Rip should be! Argh! Thank you Beth & Rip and for Mike & Kathy, hope your time in the Caribbean aboard Braveheart is going well.

Beth did get a fabulous picture of Cally workig to convert Annette from a Cat to a Dog person….it is amazing how many dogs have taken this on as their mission.


Shrimp boat in Hoboken, NC


Next in line was a stop in Oriental NC.


There is supposedly a West Marine and a Piggly Wiggly grocery store down here. We spend a lot of time WALKING long straight roads like this one…like the curvy ones better.


#dummytooknopicts – this is where a picture of our visit with SV Scout and also Pentagon Sailing Club Members Roger and Leslie Hammer

Early the next morning we had “crisp” conditions to cross the Neuse River head down Adams Creek to Moorehead City.


We arrived in Moorehead City with hopes of heading off shore towards Wrightsville Beach. Weather conditions did not allow that but we did get to visit with Annette’s Cousin Beth.

#dummytooknopicts – this is where a picture of Beth’s visit would go! Argh!


I am going to do better on pictures….I promise!!! Really mean it this time!…be well, be safe!

3 thoughts on “2016-11-10–Catching Up Again (Moorehead NC)

  1. So thankful we got to catch up with you both, and that you got a pic of us on Magnolia! (but we should have got one with all four of us – next time!) 🙂

  2. Love reading your blog and seeing where you’ve been & what you’ve been doing. So sorry we missed you this time heading south, but maybe we’ll catch you in the Bahamas in the spring. The plan is to have the boat back home this summer, so next time you head past, maybe we’ll be home!
    Kathy and Mike

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