2016-07-16–Baltimore-Block Island

Magnolia has been keeping extra busy the last couple weeks that it is hard to believe that it was less that 2 weeks ago we departed from Baltimore with our extra crew-woman Cheryl aboard. One of our mentors Ty & Suzanne Giesmann took on this same route years ago. Our passage was limited to Sandy Hook due t weather/schedule. We were hoping this time to share the same passage with Cheryl but all the way to Block Island, RI. There are actually two lines, the blue indicates the planned route and the red the actual route…we did good!


The crew prepares for departure from Baltimore.


Our first day underway we were rewarded with light wind sail all the way to the mouth of the Sassafras River.


The Sassafras is one our favorite destinations on the bay so a requirement was a necessity.


In addition one of our loyal readers requested lots of pictures of the area so loyal reader here you go!









After our first easy day up the bay things go a bit more serious as we needed to pass through the C&D Canal and then down the infamous Delaware Bay. I refer to the Delaware Bay as the place Adam & Eve were sent to after being cast out of Eden. The passage is simply to be endured….


The Delaware has the most horrendous black fly population and that does not even begin to comment on the amount of commercial ship traffic.


A ship and barge passing in the channel…we stay far far away.


One of the things we wanted to share with Cheryl was how Magnolia worked through new and different places. The best way to do that was go to a new and different place we had never been.


On the south shore of the Delaware Bay just before entering the ocean is Cape Henlopen which fit the bill perfect. There is a well protected anchorage aptly named “Harbor Of Refuge.”


The one thing we were NOT expecting was how scenic of anchorage it truly was.  Good access, excellent protection, nice view and terrific sunset….we are hooked!


Lewes-Cape May Ferry








On the third day we go underway and headed out for the ocean on the 212 mile passage to Block Island.


“Hey I said ocean, cue the wind waves and near death experience” Ah yea, thats the other ocean. We were given this ocean, the one that had no wind, no waves and some minor anxiety…remember it is the ocean and she can be very unforgiving when she wants to be….


All day and through the night we had a non-plus passage..the usual shipping lane traffic off NYC and the plethora of fishing boats off the coast of NJ. Then, the sun came up and so did the fog.


We had a fair amount of fog all the way as we rounded the tip of Long Island at Montauk into Block Island sound and to Block itself.


After a 32 hour passage we arrived!


First stop after visiting with our friends on Amici was a visit to the legendary Oar House, home of the best MudSlide in the world…potentially the most powerful as well!


Potentially the most powerful…..


We anchored in New Harbor which is on the west side of the island. Below is the view of Old Harbor where he Ferry Boats arrive and depart.


Sadly Cheryl had to head back to Baltimore and missed out on M/V Pearl arriving. You remember Ted and Sally on Amici when we were in Myrtle Beach. Pearl and we have been hopscotching for most of the spring so it was great to catch up. A peak into our world, the next day Amici headed for Boston, Pearl to the Vineyard and Magnolia to Newport. We all come together and just as quickly scatter. Thats why these meet up are so special. Have no idea WHEN or WHERE we will come across these friends…but have 100% confidence we will…that our world.


Out last evening on Block Island



Off to Newport with the morning ebb….

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