Remember how I was saying how the Cruiser Community just solves problem? Magnolia was the benefactor of that problem solving yesterday. I outboard dies completely unexpectedly on Cat Island so when we arrived Rock Sound getting the engine back online was priority #1. After getting Magnolia settled in went about changing filters and spark plugs and to my surprise that did not solve the problem. As I was preparing to pack up and go into, research mode Myron & Dina of SV Hold Fast pulled up and without moments hesitation Myron went to work. Dina kindly gave me a dingy lift to town for fresh gas while Myron pulled the carburetor apart. By the time we returned with the fuel the engine was back together. A couple of pulls on the starter and we were back in business. It is days like these we are so grateful to be part of this community…it really thrives on being able to pay it forward. BTW, this afternoon we will be making a bracket for a third boat out of some high pressure fiberglass plate that I keep in spares…it’s going to be a good day!

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