2016-02-03 Half Moon Cay — Little San Salvador

After a couple day visit at Cat Island we sailed out of Fernandez on our way up to Eluthera. It is a 70 trip which requires heroic efforts to complete in 1 day. The compromise is making a stop at Little San Salvador Island, known as Half Moon Cay by Carnival Cruisers everywhere.



The island is privately owned so we are not allowed to go ashore while there is a cruise ship here. Makes sense that you would not want cruise boat people hanging with us scanky sailboat cruisers. 🙂 The down side of this anchorage is it is rolly as all get out so as soon as I finish this post it will be shower and bed for this captain.

I forgot, topped up the outboard tank out of my Jug yesterday and just as I was about to pick up guests on the beach to bring back to Magnolia
the outboard died and had to row back out. Was not able to get restarted so obviously that will be priority #1 when we arrive in Rock Sound. Hoping some fresh gas, a couple filters and a couple of spark plugs will resolve.

Now off for that shower, it’s going to be a full day tommorow. PS Another door to door sail today. What is the MPG on 1 qt of Fuel for 45 mile? Love it

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