2015-04-01–April Fools–“Right I did not make it in time…”

We have been in Hope Town Abacos going on 3 weeks now. It makes my head spin thinking we have been in one place for such a long time! Hope Town is the easiest place in my opinion to be of any where we have gone. The weather is perfect, water outside the harbor is spectacular. Provisions, nightlife and secure moorings are all right here. What not to love? In addition it is a great place to catch up boat chores like sorting screws on a Sunday morning while watching the talking heads on TV. This is one of the few places we get television, well we get it sometimes here…welcome to the Bahamas.


It was also time for fresh lines on the anchor bridle. Those are the hardest working lines on the boat and now that I think of it the most important so deserve a freshening up from time to time.


Hope Town it seems also where I get caught up on my teak maintenance. It does not show very well but there is before and after. None the less Hope Town Harbor is not a bad place to take care of maintenance.



Then there is always cleaning too!


But then again its not all work! We enjoy a good home made dinner. Here is the bread dough coming out of the engine room after a couple of hours


Here is the bread off the charcoal grill…has to be charcoal for the best flavor!


and of course the main course….


There is time for beach walks.


An occasional happy hour….


Dinner aboard Magnolia


Even bunny gets out to occasionally rock the boat but like us, he is ready to start moving…


We have a weather window opening up this week so we are going to make our longest offshore passage to date, just over 400 miles up to South Carolina. We have a couple different bail out ports we can go into if our window closes expectantly.


See you on the other side!!!

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