A friend and colleague once suggested that “you are living my life, it just got mixed up and you are in my place.” Regular readers know that more times than not we have to pinch ourselves to believe we have actually been given this opportunity. If there was one thing we wish is that we could better share the special moments, places and people have met along the way.

Background: We have really had a lot of  “bad” weather recently. I know bad weather is relative, particularly in the Bahamas but after the last cold front passed through an invitation went through the anchorage to meet on this small little spit of land that is mostly covered at high tide to share a “sun-downer” and a sunset.


After being “trapped” on boats for a couple of days every boat in the anchorage was in full attendance.


The amazing thing is within this group you will find every social & economic class represented but every person there knows they are sharing a special moment. We are in the middle of a tropical preserve, on a little spit of land that in a few hours will erase every sand print as if we were never there. We will all board our individual boats, some we will see again, others probably not. None of us though forget friends and family from home, “cruisers” we have traveled with and wish they all could be on that little spit of land to share a “sun-downer” and a sunset.


We are lucky and a bit blessed and know it..wish you were here friend and colleague Smile



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