2014-12-12–Bahamas House–Stuart, FL–Mack Pack

After 17 days (yes 17 days in place!) it was time to get on the move but before we could we really wanted to catch up with our friend John. We had a one day overlapping stay in Vero so it was a must do. I met John many years ago when I walked up to his Bed & Breakfast on Harbour Island and asked if he had a room. I suspect I am one of the few who showed up with no reservation. No matter over the years I returned and later Annette and I both spend time at his terrific place! We even met out friends Mims and Vicki ( http://a2baker.com/magnoliablog/?p=3487) there! John has sold Bahamas House and so we will have to keep the great memories we have!


Annette enjoying the holiday lights at the Vero Beach Yacht club.


There are portions of the ICW which are really shoaling which forces us to pass these areas at high tide. To make high tide at the St Lucie Magnolia needed to be underway at first light.


It was more like before dawn when we actually got underway!


Well on our way as the sun rose.


Magnolia made a port visit to Stuart primarily to have her sail cover replaced. Below is the old cover which could at time be a challenge to store the main sail….


First we needed to remove the main sail and existing cover. The sail was taken to Mack Sails sail loft for inspection.



The below pages are really for me so I don’t loose the measurements if we ever need to replace the existing sails.



This is the new Mack Pack Sail cover installed.


Finally a little shot of laundry day and a double dose of CNBC on television (I listen most days on XM).


Tonight 12-13 December Magnolia will make an overnight hop down to Miami to visit my cousin and fellow GenIV Kyle McAndrews. Very much look forward!

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