2014-04-22 South Carolina–Low Country Beauty + Friends

Magnolia enjoyed her port visit to Beaufort, SC…well minus the starter issue but that is all behind us. Beaufort always gets great reviews as a place to retire to so we were anxious to give the town a look see.



The waterfront is obviously quite attractive and the downtown area vibrant. Our initial take is the place is quite lovely but did not strike the right “vibe” for us.



We of course made a stop in Charleston to visit our friends Vicki and Mims. The one unfortunate parts of the weekend of was rain. We got tons of rain but that did not quash our visit in the least. 


Departing Charleston on a rainy & windy Sunday morning we crossed the harbor and made our way into the relative protection of the ICW. The section of ICW between Charleston & Winyah Bay is notoriously know for its many sections that have shoaled in. Thankfully we were able catch a rising tide and ride it across avoiding the shallow sections. We arrived Mimin Creek late in the day, dropped the anchor and had a wonderful bowl of chili in one very picturesque very isolated anchorages we have enjoyed.


As we transited up Winyah Bay and onto the Wacamaw river the sun came out and the day turned from nice to extraordinary. The Wacamaw river is know for its beauty as it is lined with Cypress Swamps for miles and miles. The water is quite deep considering it width. Just what us “explorers” want! Smile  


We excited the Wacamaw/ICW onto Bull Creek where we would anchor for the evening. Again we were blessed with beautiful views . Other than a one small john boat early in the afternoon, we saw no one on “our” creek the entire remainder of the day. We did what our neighbors did, relaxed and took a little sun. When in “Rome…..”




The “Admiral” enjoys a chore free afternoon.


As we departed in the morning, there was not a ripple to be seen.





There was a fare amount of dew but the sun was shining and that makes the Admiral, “Very Happy”


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