2011-10-05 Anticipation Builds

Starting Saturday Annette and I start our year end big sailing trip for the season and boy are we ready to go!

Our friends Greg & Marie Rodgers dropped anchor last night in the Weems Creek off the Severn River in Annapolis MD. They arrived in from a late summer trip to Maine to pick Blueberries followed by a stop in Connecticut to purchase anchor chain. I only partially jest!. Friday all 4 of us will be working at the Annapolis Sailboat Show in the Seven Sea Cruising Association booth. Saturday morning Annette & I will get Magnolia underway and rendezvous Second Sally (Greg & Marie) somewhere down the bay for dinner. We will continue south into next week where Second Sally will continue her journey south and Annette & I will return to Washington….hopefully only for a couple more years! We will be posting regularly through the weekend and into next week so follow along if you care too!

2011-01-01-1--Magnolia Logo--Blue

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