2014-10-30–Being Alone

I am not sure how these pictures will come out but thought the contents was worth the reisk.

As were walking the beach yesterday it struck me how many times Annette and I have been totally alone on this trip. In the days before we started this journey the only time we were really alone was locked up in our condo on the 11th floor and by its very description you know “how” alone we really were.  We have shared some amazing vistas with friends, the below with Tennars and Volpes recently in Southport, North Carolina.


This one in North-East Harbor, Maine with my cousins Tom & Judy


There are others though where Annette and I could see no one anywhere. Below is Hawksbill Cay, Exumas Bahamas. The Cay is un-inhabited and for the two days we were there, the ONLY living souls around.


Below is from a recent passage about 30 miles off the coast of Georgia. Granted but we had go offshore to get it but the view well speaks for itself.


The coast of Maine


An uninhabited island in Maine, yes Maine and NOT the moon.


An empty anchorage along the Intercostal Waterway


The image that really inspired the post from yesterday, Annette standing on the beach at Cumberland Island Georgia. In truth there were 4 other people on the beach, 2 were about 1.5 miles left of Annette and the other 2 about 1.5 miles right. Based on our previous lives, that’s almost alone.


I am not saying being alone is better or worse but I have to say in the world from where we came from it is weird to be “alone.” On this trip being “alone” are the moments when I feel the luckiest. Its just such an unusual “place” to be. 

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  1. I think one of the reasons people quit cruising is because they are unprepared to live with that kind of solitude. Life in our society is endless busy-ness which doesn’t allow for much introspection. As a result, people don’t know how to sit quietly and think. They’re too used to having the constant white noise and low-level contact with people to fill the space, but when you go cruising it’s you, maybe a spouse or SO, and miles of quiet vista. It’s just too much for some.

    S/V Kintala

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