2014-08-06 Friends in South Freeport ME

Magnolia had a pleasant passage from Cape Cod into South Freeport ME. As you can see it really was a straight shot! A bit too far for a day trip so me had a leisurely over-night’r getting a fair amount of sailing in.


We arrived Casco Bay in the very early morning hours. Thankfully the sun was coming up which made poking our away among, through the rocks/islands much easier. Did I mention the Lobster Pots? You can walk anywhere you want in Maine, hundreds of miles because there is a Lobster Pot to step on any where you want to go!!!


South Freeport is a completely protected anchorage surrounded by beautiful cozy little homes.




Our friends friends from Mandela (Nancy & Ron) came and picked us up and the first stop had to be the LL Bean store. This is “THE” LL Bean store. This one is open 24/7/365!


Back and Ron & Nancy’s we enjoyed hanging out on the deck and relaxing.


With this view it is a pretty easy thing to do. Note Ron’s Bee Hives on the right.



Of course we were “forced” to consume some fine Maine Lobsters!!


We ended the day at the Marina’s cruisers lounge catching an episode of “Next Network Food Star.” Our friends from Eleanor Q’s daughter is competing so we are heavily invested!


On Monday Ron & Nancy took us down to Portland to enjoy a walk around the historic waterfront and a visit to Art Museum which we really enjoyed. So many of the old waterfront buildings are still intact that it makes the area exceptionally inviting.


On the way back we made a quick stop at Delorme Map Company. They have the worlds largest rotating globe their lobby. Really cool.


After enjoying another lovely view from the deck and….


a “little” ice cream we said are farewells. We have no idea when we will cross paths again with Mandela but we are all VERY confident we will and that’s really all that matters.


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