2014-06-25 “I am SO far behind”

I can not believe the six week visit back to our homeport is coming to an end so quickly. Magnolia is in better shape today than any time before and we got bunches of visiting in as well.

A visit with Mona and Jim McAndrew’s and the always fun and delightful. Dan & Lori got our time in town off to a roaring start.

2014_05_18_17_39_47_AWB-003 20140604_204642

Spending time in NJ with Jack & Kathy Tennar is always a fun time. I never know what we are getting into to. This time it was driving fence posts in preparation for the church festival.

20140614_104531 20140614_104622_1-MOTION[3]

Christina Tennar took time from her studies at Delaware and added to the Magnolia art collection. This is one of those pieces which we will cherish when we are old and gray, even more than today! “Thanks Tina!!!”

20140618_110858 - Copy

Fathers Day weekend was topped off with a visit to DC by my parents and we were able to meet up for a lovely Fathers Day celebration with a visit to the Air & Space Museum followed by a terrific dinner. We were so busy gabbing the whole camera thing fell off the table!!! It was a spectacular afternoon!

Back aboard it was back to work. As I was marking anchor chain, Annette went to work on mountings for our solar panels. Annette always gets stuck working off one of my beer napkin designs. In addition Annette passed her General HAM Radio License which will allow her to talk to others when she is tired of talking to me!

20140618_115602 20140617_094150007

One of the things we are going to sorely miss is out Wednesday Night Sundaes. Thanks Emily, you take great care of us!!!


In a completely random turn of events our friends from the former Kindred Spirit (which has been sold) were in town from Connecticut looking at another boat. We were able to meet for dinner and then walk down to Eleanor Q for a picture knowing Frank and MaryMarie would get a real kick out of it!


On Sunday June 22nd Magnolia held an open house so that friends and relatives come by and see that the Admiral and I live quite comfortable aboard our vessel! We had about 25 people drive out from the city and their effort was most appreciated. Everyone seemed to have a swell time!


To top the week off I crewed on my first ever sailboat race. Now I am not bragging but the boat did place the best it ever has in any of the races. Luckily Magnolia will be underway before the next race so the run of luck will not be tested!

Four more days and we are underway for Maine!!!! We are READY!!!!

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  1. A2, Glad to see you are heading to Maine! You will love the coast and thelobsters. The whole trip up there and back is full of fun adventures. For some reason we got dropped off your email list for this blog, and at least on my iPad, I don’t see a place to sign up again. Please add us back if you can; otherwise I will try on the computer when we stop; we are now driving across Idaho headed for Oregon. Not many cruisers here…
    Fair winds, Ty & Suzanne

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