2014-06-03 “We’re Famous, We’re In The Museum”

The best job I ever had was working with a group referred to as “Missile Monkeys!” That was not our real name of course but it was the name given to us by Captain Al Grecco on a day when he might have been a little on the cranky side but I digress…

In an unplanned last minute coordination we were able to meet up with my former boss Anant his wife Alka for a lovely dinner and evening of catching up. Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule.


(Picture Alka)

The Admiral and I had made plans to visit the Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, VA which often called “Air & Space Overflow” since the Smithsonian had the main museum downtown DC. We were here once years ago with the Tennar’s but we wanted to see the new additions.

I enjoyed coming across an old F-86. My dad use to take us our to the airport in Detroit to watch them fly.


The F-4 was a real monster in the sky!


Yes and of course the F-14 Tomcat of “Top Gun” fame.


The Admiral checking out the SR-71 Blackhawk




After touring the Boeing Aviation Hanger we went over to the James S McDonnell Space Hanger which was not open when we were here last time. One of the new additions was the Space Shuttle Discovery which was installed last summer.


As we walked into the hanger I saw a familiar shape mostly hidden by the red missile which I later discovered was a Patriot Missile. The half hidden round I immediately recognized as an SM-3.  Even a hanger away I saw her standing proud. I had no idea she was here what a surprise




023 - Copy

After spending the last evening with Anant & Alka and then finding an SM-3 in the Smithsonian well it quite the Missile Monkey day! Remember what they say, “Its All About the Missile. ”

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