2014-02-14 On The Way To Cat Island I Caught A Fish

Sadly the same evening we were saying our temporary good byes to Eleanor Q a wave washed over my pocket as we were departing the beach. In that pocket was our primary camera so that accounts for few pictures this week Replacement is on the way.  In the meantime I am depending on the Admirals phone camera and photo donations from Mandela. Speaking of, what is better than having a buddy boat with a couple if former professional fisherman. Nothing, notta, it does not get any better!

With the departure of Eleanor Q it was time for the remaining WF to head for a some new scenery. Based solely on the direction of the wind we decided a 50 mile hop over to Cat Island was in order. After a little reading it was decide on off we went on a beautiful beam reach. This was a day sailor dream of!


Yes those numbers are in feet DEEP! There is no way to capture in a picture the true deep blue of the water in that crossing.

More about Nancy and Ron. Before our friend Nancy went off and became one of those CEO corporate types she and Ron fished commercially on the east coast and later in Alaska. As they know a thing or two about this fishing stuff when they said they had lines lines out on our approach to Cat Island I ran down and grabbed my hand line adding a big lime green skirted thing. Low and behold as we came up on the flat off Cat Island I hooked a nice like Jack.


Since yield is so important Ron was nice enough to handle the knife work to ensure we had dinner for four. He yielded more filet than we imagined.


We visited the Hermitage a top of Mt. Alvernia. “The Hermitage was constructed by Father Jerome Hawes.  Father Jerome was a Catholic priest and a trained architect who lived from 1876 to 1956.  He spent the last 17 years of his life on Cat Island and in addition to constructing the Hermitage also constructed a number of other churches throughout the Bahamas include two in Clarence Town, Long Island.” The complete article can be found here: http://shanepinder.com/blog/2008/10/17/the-hermitage-mt-alvernia-cat-island-bahamas/

(Pictures courtesy S/V Mandela)

photo 2-2

photo 5

photo 6

photo 4

After a couple days at the New Bight anchorage we moved the boats over to Fernandez Bay home to a lovely little resort.


As it was time for a nice dinner off the boat we joined the current residents of the resort for pre-dinner happy hour at the honor bar followed by a dinner from Cracked Lobster and all the sides.

photo 1

As we are chatting with the current guests we meet a couple that have a boat at our home marina in the Chesapeake Bay. What a small world it is!

Never wanting to miss the opportunity to explore the mangroves we hopped in the dinghies and off we went, up a creek with a paddle. It was not long till we needed that paddle.


In fact, we did a lot of dragging of dinghies on this particular adventure. This was taken at the furthest point inland and I was feeling a little whooped!

photo 3

Cat Island was great get away but it was time to get back across to George Town to start guest preparations!


We did make time to celebrate Valentines Day on Volleyball Beach dinging at the fabulous Chat-N-Chill. We also got to spend time with friends we had met in Bimini, Gwen and Guillaume from S/V Slow Waltz


(L-R Ron, Nancy and Gwen)

Now it time to get to work and hide all the “stuff” we have been hiding in out guest bunk so our guests actually have a place to sleep. We will see how it goes!!!

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