2014-02-08–Classes, Training, Fishing & “We’ll Miss You”

If you think George Town Bahamas is more like “Adult Day Care” than anything, well you might be right. The day starts at 08:00 with the morning Radio Net on the two-way radio. There are several sections “Any Emergency or Priority Traffic,” “weather,” ‘Local Business,” “Community Announcements,” ”Boaters General.” By the end of the 30 min radio presentation you know which business is having a sale, what time the bake sale fund raiser for the local school starts, what time softball practice starts, when and where yoga will start and information on where to get that part you need and how to install it. That is just the tip if the iceberg and Annette does a great job of keeping up notes on what is happening and where.


The first of MY weeks activities was the discussion/seminar on boat batteries and charging systems. For many boats the Bahamas is the first time being off the grid (not in a marina with shore power) so there is a lot to keeping your boat powered up and your beer cold. That’s really the risk, warm beer!


As you can see the event was very well attended and the classroom is pretty cool too!


This picture did not come out as well but this was the site of the HAM Radio Seminar. I have been studying for my Tech and might try the General Test as well. Think of my n 20 Feb!


A quick view of downtown George Town



Annette belongs to a Facebook Group called “Woman Who Sail” and there have been a couple of different meet ups that we have enjoyed attending.


(Right to Left, MaryMarie (Eleanor Q), Annette (Magnolia) Nancy (Mandela)


As most readers know we have been blessed to share a huge portion of this trip with our friends on Eleanor Q. Sadly it is time for them to start heading north. We have shared the challenges and successes and we VERY much look forward to seeing them sooner than later. Fair-Winds our dear friends, be safe!


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  1. Radio sounds a lot like Bahia de Kino in the morning – retirement at its best with active, adventurous souls!! Enjoy your adult education – I gotta find a classroom like that.

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